Cook a Tasty Hog Roast with These Hog Roast Machines!

Working as a caterer is an exciting and fast-paced job. You need to stay ahead of your competition by having high-quality professional equipment that can accommodate a wide variety of menus. A hog roast machine is just the thing to offer up a lot of delicious food for parties and events without having to work quite so hard.

Different hog roast machines are best for different events. Examples of some of the best machines and what you may need them for are as follows.

The KuKoo 90kg Hog Roast Machine

If you need to serve about fifty to one hundred people, this is the machine. A 90kg hog is a lot of meat, from snout to hocks. Roasted on a spit over an open flame, you will need a lot of outdoor room to hoist up a 90kg hog and cook it for several hours. Prep work on this hog roast should begin at least eight hours prior to the event.

This machine can also roast lamb, beef, and whatever else you can put on the spit without exceeding 90kg.

Vevor Rotisserie Grill and Hog Roast for 60kg

Smaller outdoor affairs can enjoy up to 60kg of rotisseried duck, chicken and other poultry meats. Smaller hogs, lamb, and veal can turn on the spit with its adjustable height feature. The charcoal grill underneath serves to cook side dishes such as grilled corn, roasted peppers, etc.

Around fifty or sixty people can be fed from one large animal roast, or fewer if you are roasting poultry. This roaster transports easily and cleans up well.

Propane Gas Powered Hog Roast Machine

While nothing beats the smoky taste of charcoal grilling (except for mesquite-smoked), it takes the longest amount of time to roast a pig. If you need to cook a whole pig faster, then you should use a propane gas powered roasting machine. The propane also cooks the meat through and through and leaves a cleaner taste so that the flavors of the meat and the seasoning you use rings true.

This particular machine does something the others do not. It cooks the meat on an inverted spit inside the table. Then it elevates the meat to the air so that it can easily transfer to the carving table on top of the lid of the roasting machine. Serve meat directly from the carving tabletop.

Of course, the real selling point to this roasting machine is not the 100kg of meat it can cook and serve. It’s the propane power. Propane power eliminates the need to find an electrical outlet to plug in the roaster, allowing you as a caterer to take this roaster to a beach party, to a park or outdoor venue, etc..

Can’t Afford a Hog Roast Machine? Rent It!

Meat roasters like these are not cheap. Caterers who are only going to use a roasting machine once in a while will find it a major expense. Instead, some caterers may consider hiring a hog roast machine whenever they need one to save money and deliver the food clients want. Hire of some of these hog roast machines can cost as little as £100 per day.

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