These Are the Reasons To Buy Meat Online

As life gets busier, taking the effort out of the little things without losing the benefits is a must! One way to do this in your life is to opt for an online butcher.

This is why we’ve put together this little list of why you should consider pivoting to online butchers for your weekly meat purchases! 

They’re Ultra-Convenient 

Okay, we’re starting with the obvious, but buying anything online is convenient, and technological advances in shipping and packaging mean you can now also buy meat online. For us, the best part is that you can shop anytime, anywhere and the online butchers put all their resources in one place so you can find recipes while you’re shopping. 

They Have Better Selections

When you buy from an online butcher you can explore all sorts of cuts, and even pre-made meals such as beef wellingtons that might not be traditionally available in your area. On top of this, you can be assured that the online butcher is prioritising quality because if they weren’t they’d be out of business, especially if they don’t have a storefront and operate online only. 

Skip Waiting Around

By choosing a great online butcher with a bespoke delivery service you can skip taking a number and waiting around at the local butcher. No more getting up early on the weekends just to make it to the butcher and no more spending Sundays trying to cook whatever you’ve ended up with. 

You Get Better Cuts

Due to the online butcher world being more ‘supply and demand’ and less, ‘you get what you get’, there is an option for you to choose more interesting cuts that you may not have had access to in the past. This means if you order a tomahawk steak, the butcher cuts one for you fresh, and might even contact a local farm to get the meat fresh too, which is all great for your health and the flavor of the meat. 

Better Portion Sizes

When you buy meat online, you will have more precise control over portion sizes, so if you’re a gym person who wants a certain amount of protein from your meat, you can track your macros with more accuracy and choose cuts to help you meet dietary needs. 

Better Transparency Overall

Online butchers understand the importance of providing proof that they’re sourcing ethically and do this to attract more environmentally and ethically conscious buyers. This means you should find a local farm or region on the website, and this is how you can make informed choices about the meat you buy. 

If you’re ready to give an online butcher a chance, contact Parson’s Nose for the best meats on the market, for the fairest prices. Order products on Parson’s Nose and start your journey to convenience now!

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