Why A Beef Wellington is A Perfect Weeknight Dinner

Many people all over the world love having steak as a weeknight dinner. It’s easy to cook, can be marinated ahead of time, and even cooked and reheated before it’s needed. 

But if you’re getting tired of making the same old thing over and over again, it’s a smart idea to buy beef in Wellington

Beef Wellington is a traditional English dish that has been a mainstay in British cuisine for years and remains a favorite. 

So, let’s go into why Beef Wellington is such a great choice for you anytime! 

Beef Wellington is Tasty! 

Beef Wellington is a tasty dish, and that’s just a fact. On the inside, you have beef tenderloin that’s lightly seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. Then the beef is coated with pâté and duxelles. Pâté is when you mix ground meat that is made into a paste mixed with different herbs, spices butter, and even sometimes pork fat.

Then of course there are duxelles which are chopped or minced mushrooms and onions sauteed in butter. The final layer is puff pastry which is placed over the beef and sauces. 

These ingredients come together to make a strong taste that leaves you savouring every bite. 

Beef Wellington Isn’t Easy

There’s a reason people don’t just make beef wellingtons. The first step is to get the tenderloin steak right, and this is a challenge on its own. It needs to be the right consistency, so it doesn’t lose its structure on the inside of the pastry. Then of course preparing the pâté and the duxelles is another two dishes. 

When you wrap this in the pastry the last thing to do is bake it at the right temperature, so the pastry is cooked well, but the beef tenderloin is not overcooked. 

With all this in mind, it is clear that maybe making the beef in Wellington from scratch is not a good idea. 

Beef Wellington Has Many Ingredients

Unlike a steak with a side of veggies, beef Wellington is all about putting together flavours and so, it can be expensive to make. This is because buying pre-made pâté and duxelles is difficult unless you know where to go, and even then it’s not cheap. Although this means the flavor of the dish is exquisite, it also means that you may not be able to make beef in Wellington all the time, however, as we explore below there are some options on the market if you don’t want to make it from scratch. 

Do You Have To Make It From Scratch?

If you’re interested in getting beef Wellington but you don’t want to take the hours needed to make it from scratch there are options on the market for you. You can buy it from an online butcher in the UK such as Parsons Nose. With their experience and expertise, you can get a great deal on beef Wellington, premade with no effort required on your part. 

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